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Christian R., via FB 04-05-2017

"Stopped by M21 Surf today not even knowing there was a surf shop in Chino!! I had no intentions of buying any boards just wanted to check it out. Walked in and met David and I was impressed with his knowledge of shaping and understanding the intricacies of board design. Great attitude and aloha spirit - friendly to da max! Had my son and wife with me and walked out with two quality shaped boards for an extremely great price. Picking them tomorrow and hopefully getting in the water shortly thereafter. M21 Surf and David galrestly exceeded my expectations and plan on going back for my other board and accessory needs!!! Mahalo David!!!"

Dan S., via FB 04-06-2016

"Picked up my new board a year ago. Starting all over after 23 years off a board. Great help & listening to what I was looking for & help with my board set up. Thanks March 21"

Nick M., via FB 04-02-2016

"March 21 is the best! I went in there about 2 years ago as an amateur, looking for a shorter board than my 9'1" and Sam and David pointed me in the right direction. I came out of there with 7'6" funboard that I've been surfing ever since. I was so happy with it, that I brought a friend of mine in there for Sam to set him up with a board and he couldn't be more pleased with it. No matter the kind of conditions you surf or the area, March21 has a board for you!"

Mario I., via FB 03-20-2016

"Great boards..retro fish is unreal in 2 thru 6ft surf. Must have for all quivers." 

Pamela A., via FB 02-17-2016

"Best board shop ever, best customer service, thank you for always making me feel comfortable!!!

I want a march21 board !!!"

Lauro U., via email 04-19-2015

"David I really had a blast, we finally nailed it David, I was incredibley happy. Especially today! David I have no words how much mean to me all your attentions and expertise, advise and all your guidance specially your listening and willing to do professional service and your exceptional work.

I am sure I will progress with this board to the level I dream of, today I stood many, many times. I cought waves after another and another I wanted to stay. I wanted this day not to end. The board is excellent fits all I was dreaming, yes I fall million times and drowned but I am for that and I am extremely happy with the board, Yes!! go ahead and charge the remaining on the bill , this board is mine. 

David million thanks again, I will see you in other time, I will pass around all experience I have had with you and March 21, hopefully hikers will do this with me one of this days
For your exceptional service and your professionalism thank you so much David, please stay in touch I may also try paddle board.
see you soon David"


Troy T., via FB 04-16-2015

"Here is my review of my new 8.8 Pintail 2+1 from March 21…
Overall 5 out of 5 stars. Just a great board.

We took this out to Tourmaline Surfing Park in San Diego, which is my home town. I surfed there every day sometimes twice a day, morning and night, then all day on the weekends.
I walked into March 21 looking for a 8.0 to 9.0 board that I could just have fun on. I learned on an old G&S Lighting and rode short boards for years when I was a grom. Latter I ended up surfing longer boards after my cousin and I read an article in Surfer where they were in Hawaii surfing 15’ long boards. Ever since I wanted the longest board I could find. I ended up finding a RA 10.0 Summer Classic in his old Huntington shop. So this day I wanted something with a bit more speed and maneuverability. I bought my wife’s JH Stoke 8.0 from Sam about a year ago and since it was a good design I was interested in maybe another one for myself. Sam, David and Jasmine are such great people. They make you feel as if you are one of their family members and they really enjoy what they do. Sam asked me what I wanted and I told him what I was looking for and I was going to take something home as we were going in the morning to my old spot. After swapping stories and going over several designs, even after he brought some out of the back that he just got in I decided on this 8.8 that he picked out first for me.

I have to say this board was so much fun. I never caught that many waves in a session, which is exactly what Sam warned me about. The rails were solid, really maneuverable for a mini long. This has now become my favorite stick in my quiver. This thing was so smooth and fast enough to have a lot of fun on, even on small waves. The bigger the waves on that day it became more fun to ride. I had no problem cutting into the face right away and carving up my lefts, since I am goofy and surprisingly the rights as well. It did not feel that awkward as some boards will on your backside. I even found myself doing my first ever rail slide on this that I thought was impossible for long boards. I highly recommend this pintail 2 +1 if you want a lot of fun out there.

March 21, again great design and a great choice. Keep up the good work. I highly recommend anyone in the market to give them March 21 a try and have done so and will continue. The best thing about all this is my wife and I surf together as she is a grom. I think she loves this sport more than I do at times. She is always telling me that we are going surfing on whatever weekend it is.

Troy “Snapper” Toomey"

Paul T., via e-mail 04-15-2015

"To the whole March 21 crew, I recently purchased a 5' mini simmons. After receiving the deck (fast and packed tight). I was blessed with a solid week of knee to waist high surf to test drive it. What a fun , loose skate like feel.I immediately ordered a dream board of mine, a small tow in board . The deck is actually a skim/wake surf board. The personal service  I  received from Sam was so above and beyond. I have been surfing for 30 years and the only company that has gone to those limits was Xanadu . Again thank you Sam. I will spread the word in the line up. "

Christopher B., via e-mail 02-28-2015

"Sam was very knowledgeable and helpful in helping me choose a deck for me to transition down from my 9'6". Can't not wait to take it on its maiden voyage. Great deck, great price, great customer service at March21."

Aaron J., via e-mail 01-14-2015

 "Hi, Outstanding board! Great value. I took it out Sunday in 3-4' surf and was totally pleased. I want a wave catcher, but don't want to go above 9 feet and you guys offered this one in 8'10". Longer board, but nice and responsive. The concave front should allow for some great nose rides.

I surf in Santa Cruz, a lot of great shapers and choices, but can get expensive. I thought the price of 550 was outstanding for the quality. Buying a new board at 1k is tough, so getting the quality and nice style for just over 500 was fantastic. The free shipping is a huge seller as well, but the real pleasant surprise was how quickly you shipped it, how nicely it was packed, and the responsiveness and personal service from Sam. Great customer service goes a long way. Instead of automated responses u guys seem to really care. I ordered fins from surf warehouse the same day I ordered your board. I got the board in 3 days! I still don't have the fins I ordered for my other board.

I will absolutely recommend because of the high quality for a good price. Also, your boards look good and people care about the style of their board"

Jonathan Y., via FB 09-08-2014

"Staff helpful. Help me pick out a great skimboard."

Christiano A., via FB 08-02-2014

"Awesome learning experience and they help me to figure out the perfect board..definitely recommend coming here. I plan to return soon again!"

Steven C., via FB 06-09-2014

"Had a great experience helping me pick a board to help ease back into surfing. No drama just great customer service."

Kirstiema C., via FB 06-09-2014

"What a cool family friendly place. Don't know a thing about surfing but felt right at home. Great customer service. Beautiful boards."