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Pickle Wax Remover with Wax Comb

  • Comes with one (1) Pickle Wax Remover, one (1) Wax Comb Kit, and one (1) Sticker
  • Made from high-quality materials and built to last
  • Helps remove wax or rough it up for your next session

Here's a fun Guide for Professional Pickle Polishing Pointers for Particularly Picky People:

  • Best if used outside. Mom hates wax on her good sofa
  • The Pickle works on all types of boards (surfboards, skimboards, bodyboards, paddleboards, etc.) of any finishes and all types of surf wax
  • Your Pickle is sensitive and should be kept away from sharp objects which could damage it (Fins, Dins, Plugs, etc.)
  • There is no reason to wash your Pickle, so don't! (THE DIRTIER THE BETTER!)
  • Store your Pickle in the hand dandy resealable Pickle Pouch
  • Don't point your Pickle at others EVEN IF YOU BELIEVE IT IS NOT LOADED
  • Using your pickle just may save the planet