Reaper - Vector

The Reaper is great for waist high, overhead waves, and barrel condition surf. 

Who's it for:

  • Intermediate - Advanced 
  • Waist - Overhead Waves 


  • Single concave beginning at the nose for lift 
  • Transitions into single double to maintain speed and maneuverability 
  • Single off tail for speed and control
  • Rails are set at medium low to allow hold and bite while carving and turning
  • Winger  to add more bite and assist with maneuvering

Extra Feature: 

  • Aerialite S-glass, strengthens board and adds durability 

        Care for your board:

        • Keep in cool dry area as much as possible when not in use
        • Keep away from direct sun light when not in the water
        • Rinse board with fresh water after each use


        Feature   S2 Aerialite S-glass 
        Constructions Epoxy / PU
        Contours Single > Single Double > Single off Tail 
        Finish Clear - Wet Sand Finish 
        Dimensions 5'2" - 6'4"
        Volume 22.4 - 41 L 
        Color Clear 
        Rider 100 - 220 lbs 
        Experience Intermediate to Advanced
        Condition Waist to Overhead High


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