Red Tail Pad 3 Piece

Our Tail pads are great for shortboards, hybrids, skimboards, and wake surfboards. We designed our pads for maximum traction, comfort, and longevity. 

High quality EVA foam, provides soft and grippy pad.
Super sticky high quality 3M adhesive that will stay on your board.


      Length 12.50 in                                                  
      Widest Width 11.88 in
      Center Arch 10 mm
      Tail Kicker 28 mm



      1. Wash your hands. The natural oils from your hands can get caught up with the 3M adhesive and will not stick properly.
      2. Use rubbing alcohol to make sure there’s no oil on the board.
      3. Make sure your board is clean and free of any dust and debris. 
      4. Make sure after applying, press firmly from the middle of the pad on outwards to minimize air bubbles that may be trapped inside. Then press firmly all around the edge to make sure the edges won’t lift.
      5. Lastly, let it sit for at least 24 hrs, to let the 3M adhesive work its magic to bond with your board.



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