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Shogun - Wood / Flax EPS

The Shogun has been the best seller all around performance longboard. We've spent years dialing in the board to handle many types of waves. It's great for all skill levels from beginner to advanced riders.

Who is this for:

  • Beginners that want a performance board to grow into and progress their skill
  • Intermediate to Advanced surfers that want an all around longboard that can nose ride and preform in knee to head high waves 


  • Single spoon concave under nose to generate lift underneath the board while nose riding 
  • Transitions to double concave, adding maneuverability
  • Vee off the tail to increase responsiveness while bottom turning, carving, and turning

Extra Feature: 

  • High grade fiberglass (Aerialite S-glass
    • adds strength and durability 
  • Natural Wood and Flax fiber for durability

Care for your board:

  • Keep in cool dry area as much as possible when not in use
  • Keep away from direct sun light when not in the water
  • Rinse board with fresh water after each use.
Constructions Epoxy / EPS / Wood Veneer / Flax fiber
Contours Spoon Single > Double > Vee off tail
Design / Finish Natural Wood and Flax / Matte
Experience Beginner to Advanced
Conditions Knee high to Shoulder high waves


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