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Thumb Mid-range Funboard with the most versatile specs for surf tripping going with the flow to a unexpected surf spot! It's modern Epoxy with EPS core construction with standard glassing sanded clear finish. The deep single transition into double concave to convex vee out the tail accommodate any wave conditions. Super responsive and lively, you won't miss a beat!

SKU: 12036

Length: 6'10 - 7'10
Width: 21.00" - 22.75"
Thickness: 2.88" - 3.15"
Volume: 49 - 66 L
Board Weight: 9 - 11 lbs
Fins Set Up: 4+1 (Included)
Experience Level: Athletic Beginner +
Weight Limit: 205 lbs

PRICE DISCOUNTED : Bundle is $450 due to the possibility of slight discoloration. EPS boards yellow quicker than PU under UV exposure. Rest assured, aside from the possibility of slight discoloration, the board is in new and unused condition. 

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